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  • Cash with an ecard for any occasion
  • Suggest where to spend it
  • They get the money however they choose
  • They'll spend it on what they actually want!
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  • Suggest any business

    Buy an "online gift card" with suggested use at any business. Even businesses that don't have gift cards.

    Gift cards for any business
  • Flexible

    No cash left stranded on a card in their drawer. They decide what to get.

  • An experience

    Our concierge will give them VIP treatment by helping them with reservations, transport, etc.

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Our Mission

Gift cards are thoughtful, but wasteful

The intention of gift cards is great - it's nice to think of a business the recipient might like. But plastic cards are a pain to carry around, and it's hard to be sure the recipient will like the business. The recipient may never spend the gift card, or they may end up with extra money left over. Even worse, they might sell it for cash at way below its worth.

Keep the good, leave the bad

At GiftRocket, we keep the intention of gift cards, but remove the hassle and loss. Pick a business they'll love, even if it doesn't have gift cards. We'll deliver a beautifully packaged card. When they redeem, they'll collect money up-front before they go to the business, and use it to treat themselves.

Send an online gift card...

... and the recipient will get a gift they'll use and love.

Gift Redemption Options

Your recipient redeems online and chooses how to receive the money. They select one of the options below. While we initiate the transfer immediately, each option takes a little time to complete.