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Infographic: The Best Bacon Dishes in the USA

Posted 06 September 2011 by

Last weekend included two of our favorite holidays. Monday was Labor Day, a celebration of everything American. Saturday was National Bacon Day, a celebration of everything bacon. So the GiftRocket team figured we’d combine the two and highlight the best bacon dishes in the USA. The infographic we created will make you proud to be American and make you salivate at the same time.

Our data set uses social media ratings to find out the most popular bacon plates in ten major US cities: New York, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Austin, San Diego, Atlanta, Boston, Philly, and Seattle.

For example, in New York, Crif Dogs’ Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs edged out Dessert Truck’s Pudding with Bacon Custard, Clinton St. Baking Co.’s Sugar-Cured Bacon Side, Le Bernardin’s Bacon Ice Cream, and Alta’s Bacon-wrapped Dates and Olives.

The list is perfect for figuring out your next weekend jaunt, tracking the right spots to visit when traveling to another city, or figuring out where to send a friend a GiftRocket gift card.

So on the heels of National Bacon Day and Labor Day, here’s the infographic. Scroll down if you’d like to embed it in your blog or website.

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