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  • What is GiftRocket?

    The GiftRocket Prepaid Gift is a new type of online gift - see how it works. The recipient receives money directly, and then they can go spend money at your store. There's no certificate to honor and you don't need to do anything special - you just get a customer in the store with cash to spend.
  • How does my store get paid?

    Instead of providing you with a gift certificate, the recipient pays for their purchase with cash or a credit card. They're no different from a normal customer.
  • Will the recipient spend money in my store?

    Probably. Their friend suggested your store to them.
  • How does the recipient get the money?

    The recipient receives money by bank account transfer.
  • How can I let my customers know about GiftRocket?

    Add a button to your site. Get started at Set it Up! Choose a color and we'll give you the code to add for a nice button.
  • Is this good for my business?

    Think of it as a way for people to recommend your business to their friends, along with actually giving them money to spend there. You'll get a customer in the store with money to spend, and they'll appreciate the recommendation.
  • Does this work for online-only stores?

    Absolutely. We'll give recipients your web site address instead of a physical address.
  • I have more questions?

    Check out our FAQs for senders/recipients or shoot us an email at