Frequently asked questions

Sending answers:

  • What is GiftRocket?

    GiftRocket is a new type of online gift card. It's like a gift card in that it is intended for a specific business, but more flexible because the recipient collects money up front and has ultimate say in how they use it. See how it works.

  • How do I send a GiftRocket?

    Search for a business. Pick a business. Enter your friend's email and how much the gift is for. Pay. Get started at send a GiftRocket. Or send a universal gift.

  • How does the gift get delivered?

    You can deliver the gift by email, Facebook wall post, or as a printed card.

  • How do printable GiftRockets work?

    When creating your GiftRocket, select the "printable" delivery option. After you pay, you'll receive an order confirmation email that has a PDF file attached. Print out the attachment and fold it into a card. There's a website URL on each card. To redeem, the recipient types that URL into their browser or phone.

  • Is there a fee?

    Yes, it's $2 and 5%. In certain cases, the fee may be different depending on several factors. The fee is displayed at checkout. Please contact us regarding bulk order and API pricing.

  • Why would I use this over a regular gift card?

    Gift cards are wasteful because the recipient may not like the place, may forget the card, may not spend it all, etc. GiftRockets have the same thoughtfulness and intention but with more flexibility. See why GiftRocket.

  • What does the recipient's card look like?

    See an example card.

  • How do you keep my credit card information secure?

    We use modern security standards with your credit card. Any page where you provide us with sensitive information is encrypted (HTTPS).

  • How will GiftRocket's charge appear on my credit card statement?

    Payments made to GiftRocket will appear as from "GIFTROCKET.COM".

  • I was charged more than once for my GiftRocket. What's going on?

    Usually, this happens if you entered an incorrect billing address or CVC code for your credit card during checkout. These aren't actually charges and will drop off your statement in a day or two. If the charges remain, contact our payment team at

  • I live outside the US. Can I use GiftRocket?

    Unfortunately, we don't accept international credit cards at the moment.

  • What is the connection between Yelp and GiftRocket?

    GiftRocket is not affiliated with or endorsed by Yelp. Our business search listings are powered by Yelp and we display ratings from Yelp.

  • I'm not sure my GiftRocket made it to my recipient. What do I do?

    Send us an email at and we'll make sure it gets to them.

  • Can I buy GiftRockets in bulk?

    Yes! Check out our bulk orders page. It's a good option for buying a bunch of gifts quickly.

Redeeming answers:

  • What happens when I redeem a GiftRocket?

    When you redeem, you get the gift money right away. Then you can go spend it at the business suggested on your gift and write the sender a thank you. There's no certificate to carry around, and no cash stranded on a card in your drawer.

  • Is it safe to provide you with my bank account information?

    Yes. To complete a bank transfer, we only require simple information that is printed on any of your personal checks. Moreover, we use modern security standards to protect your data.

  • How do I receive the money?

    We can transfer to your bank account or credit your credit card.

  • I received a printable GiftRocket. How do I redeem it?

    Visit and enter the gift code into the form. That will take you to your gift.

  • Do I have to spend it at the business?

    No. But if the sender knows you, chances are you'll like the place they chose!

  • How does the business get the money?

    Once you've claimed the money online, you have money. When you go to the business, pay as usual with cash or a credit card.

  • I've got a question

    Shoot us an email at