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Gift Card API

Buy gift cards using a single API call

GiftRocket provides a flexible API so that you can quickly and easily send GiftRocket Gift Cards to your customers, clients, or employees. It's perfect if you're trying to make bulk orders, or if you want to automatically send gift cards based on trigger events.

What is GiftRocket?

The GiftRocket Gift Card is a new type of gift card. It's a monetary gift with an optional suggestion of where the recipient should spend the money. Take a look at the how it works page for more info.

How does the API work?

Once you've received API access, you'll be able to purchase as many gifts as you like. For each gift you'd like to purchase, you make an API request to our server specifying the gift details (i.e. amount, recipient info). The gift will be sent and your account will be charged.

How do I get API access?

It's easy. Click here for more info.

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