Gift Card API

A modern, RESTful digital gift card API. Integrate immediately with our client libraries and API sandbox.

Integrate in 3 Simple steps

Step 1

Sign up for GiftRocket Account

Your sandbox API credentials will be available within the settings tab of the GiftRocket corporate dashboard. To access them, you’ll need to create a company account (no billing information required). During development, your orders will be sent to the email address used to create your account.

Step 2

Make Sandbox API Requests

With your sandbox API credentials in hand, you'll be able to make requests against the GiftRocket sandbox environment. Check out the docs for all available resources as well as client libraries written in Ruby, Python, and NodeJs.

Step 3

Add Biling Information

Once you complete your development, add a funding source via the Billing tab within the GiftRocket dashboard. You will then receive your production credentials.


Why GiftRocket?

Flexible Payout Options

Always give your gift recipient the perfect gift -- the flexibility to choose! With GiftRocket, they can select among a cash transfer directly to their bank, physical and virtual Visa cards, and gift cards to merchants such as Amazon.

Guaranteed Fulfillment

The foremost challenge for any rewards program is the cost of fulfillment and support. Our process is battle tested with over 1 million successful gifts delivered to a diverse set of recipients, from the tech elite to those who may not own a computer.

Customized Design

Create memorable gift experiences that are customizable to your brand. Choose among our professionally designed e-cards, or, upload your own design. Check out a sample redemption experience here.

Excellent Support

Should your team or one of your recipients ever require assistance, our support team is standing by to resolve any and all problems. Our years of experience in consumer gift cards has necessitated a top line support experience.