How it Works

Cash with an ecard for any occasion. Suggest where to spend it. Like a gift card but more flexible.

Choose any business

Buy a GiftRocket Gift Card

Deliver by email or as a printable card. Suggest a business for spending the gift, or leave it up to them.

What does the recipient's card look like?

Redeem at the business using smartphone

They redeem instantly

They redeem online and we send the money along. They can receive the money to their bank account or credit card.

How does the money transfer work?

Receive money via PayPal

They enjoy your gift

They use the money to buy something nice or have a fun night out, thanks to you! They can spend it as suggested, or on something else if they prefer. No worries!

Questions? Check out our FAQ page. Learn why we're better than regular gift cards.

Send a GiftRocket

Gift Redemption Options

Your recipient redeems online and chooses how to receive the money. They select one of the options below. While we initiate the transfer immediately, each option takes a little time to complete.