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Mail-order brides have been coming into the Americas from Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America for centuries. If you were one of them, how much would a wealthy westerner be willing to pay? Answer these questions and we'll tell you your dollar worth.

Part 1 of 3
1. How many languages do you speak?
2. What's your level of education?
High school
Advanced degree
3. What is your profession?
Clerical work
Business Manager
Doctor / Lawyer / Engineer
Teacher / Professor
Performer (musician, dancer, etc.)
Vocational (cook, cleaner, waiter, etc.)
4. How comfortable would you be in a foreign country where you didn't speak the language and weren't familiar with the customs?
I've lived in a different country before, and I loved it!
Never done it, but it sounds fun!
Depends which country
I'm not sure about this...
Part 2 of 3
5. You wake up on a Saturday exhausted from staying out late the night before. Your spouse is asleep. What do you do?
Go back to bed
Run or go to Yoga class
Make breakfast
Wake them up!
6. How many different meals do you know how to prepare?
0: I don't cook
1-5: I've got some potential
6-20: I cook for myself often
20+: I can cook some delicious stuff
7. How would you rate yourself as a driver?
Excellent- never been in an accident
Above average- a few tickets, but I'm good
Average- I've crashed a car once
Terrible- At least I'm honest
Don't know how to drive a car
8. How clean is your dwelling?
Very clean- I tidy every day
Fairly clean- probably could use a once over
Not clean- I'm not a neat person
Part 3
9. You see a piece of clothing that you really like in the mall. It turns to be very expensive, probably too expensive for you. What do you do?
Buy it.
Walk away.
10. How would you describe your body type?
11. How often do people compliment you on your looks?
All the time
Every once in a while
Rarely, but they say great things
12. How much experience do you have with children?
Lots- I have some of my own
Lots- I love kids
Some- I've got nieces and nephews who love me
I don't like children