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Present customers, employees, survey participants & more with rewards engineered to delight.

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GiftRocket supercharges digital gifting with superior technology, flexibility, and support

Easy & Instant

Order up to thousands of gifts in just minutes with our self-service platform.

Beautiful Product

Create memorable gift experiences that are customizable to your brand.

Ultimate Flexibility

Your rewards recipients decide which redemption option works best for them.

Easy Purchasing

Three simple ways to submit your order through our self-service platform. Gifts are sent instantly after your submission.


Upload a spreedsheet with gift recipient details. A simple way to execute large orders instantaneously.


Need to send gifts when actions are triggered within your application? Integrate with the GiftRocket API.


Send individual gifts through our simple web interface. Personalize your message, card design, and more.

Designed to Delight

Choose among our beautifully designed e-cards. Or, make the gift experience an extension of your brand by adding your own custom card.

Unmatched Flexibility

Treat your recipients to a gift that they will actually use and love! You demonstrate thoughtfulness and they get to choose whatever reward works best for them.

Bank Deposit

Credit Card Transfer Gift Card

Prepaid Visa® Card

Hundreds of thousands of happy recipients

Here are some of the nice things that people have had to say about GiftRocket!

Lisa Arneski

I love how easy it was to choose how and when to send my gifts.

Paul Brown

A great way to show my team that we care with cash!

Zach Tyebjee

A much easier and nicer way to say thank you!


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