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The Top 5 Comicon Gifts (hint: #3 is buying Nathan Fillion 900,000 Twitter followers)

Posted 08 July 2011 by
Photo courtesy of RavenU

Comicon, cherished as the world’s biggest celebration of all that is nerd, is finally here. Even though it has lost its underground street cred with references in Entourage and Kevin Smith flicks, it’s still going to be frickin’ awesome. So you know someone who is going. We do too, and we like gifts. Here are the top 5 gifts for the Comicon goer:

5. A Stormtrooper Costume

There’s going to be at least 1 awesome costume party this year. Get him something better than a regular stormtrooper costume: this one goes for $670 online and ought to make them stand out.

Photo courtesy of RanH

4. A Viking Quest Poster.

A show within a show, where the actor plays an actor running a booth at a Comicon. It’s so meta…

3. Buy Nathan Fillion 900,000 followers on their behalf

You loved him in Firefly. Serenity wasn’t selling out- it was better. And the man produced a video about that swampiness down under. He’s now on a quest for 900,000 twitter followers by the start of Comicon. Go to an agency and buy him what he needs on behalf of your man. Why? No reason.

Photo courtesy of kevindooley

2. Crowd control equipment.

It’s going to get hot in San Diego, especially in a convention center where one half of attendees are dressed in heavy costumes, and the other half keep swarming around them. Consider some practical tools, like this hat, and this water bottle. Stay cool.

1. A reservation on their behalf at a decent restaurant in San Diego.

The lines are going to be unbelievably long at any good restaurant at San Diego. Your hombre will be stuck eating outside of the Marisco’s German truck and he won’t be happy about it. We suggest a reservation to Sally’s or Blue Point.