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Suggest a business they'd love and write a nice note. They redeem the gift online and receive money to spend. They'll fulfill the intention of your gift, but if they want to use it elsewhere, no big deal.

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Thousands of customers have spoken about how much they love sending presents through GiftRocket.

I just found out about GiftRocket when a friend sent me birthday money! I love it! What a GREAT service!
Oliver - Williamsburg, VA
I loved the ease of choosing whatever I wanted to do with the gift! Never heard of you guys before I rec'd this gift and i would definitely send to someone else in the future!
Brian - Chicago, IL
The best feature is you can recommend a local place, but you can still choose to deposit the money in your bank account. I decided to buy a ticket to a favorite musical artist.
Anja - Phoenix, AZ
I think GiftRocket is an inventive, creative answer to some of the problems a typical gift card brings.
Rebecca - Honolulu, HI
I'm already hooked. It's so fast and easy both for me to send and for my recipient to redeem - they don't have to keep track of a physical card.
Maureen - New York, NY
The reason my purchase was so successful was the support I got online at the last minute. It made all the difference!
Barbara - Saratoga, CA
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